Writings from the Desk of Kelly Sisco

Live Your Life Out Loud !!

Mr., Sir., Madman, Miss. What Do You See? Who are you? Do you Hear a Change? Who will you be by the End of the Year?

Lipstick, makeup, heals, a bra, dyed hair and a dress is what I see now when I look at him. Yes, him I repeat. This may startle you but like I have learned and grown to accept what is, you may choice hopefully to accept things too. His voice will change too in time. His walk is still not quite all there. Things are very different for him this way. This way that is different. Different for him but also different for everyone around him and who comes in contact with him. Clearing his throat, he answers the phone, “Hello”, the person on the other end answers “Yes, Hello Sir”. He thinks damn they think I’m a man and an old man in fact. I wanna be a cute girl, that’s the message. The message does not always get across especially over the phone. Not to self, work on voice and next time the phone chat will go more like this, “Hello”, “Oh Yes, Hello Madman”. They got it almost right. Now work it girl. Do you like the name Fran? My daughter pretty much hates that name. What name do you like? Will things be okay? Sure they will he tells himself only half really believing that. Would I, his daughter, love to see my father as a man a really manly man you ask me? No doubt of course but this is reality or my kind of reality. You do the best with what is dealt to you and hope nothing too bad goes wrong in between. So far, so good.
The lipstick, makeup, heals, a bra, dyed hair and a dress is what I see now and underneath all that is my dad, my dad who loves me very much. Women or man, what’s really the difference? A little of this is added and a little of that is taken away but human is still human. Strange will always be strange if you’re wearing a suit or stockings. Strange does not stop with how someone looks, strange goes way deeper and my dad a women or a man will always be someone strange. Don’t get me wrong, who really wants to be normal anymore these days anyway. Not me, I can surely say. “Hello There”, “Yes “Hello there Miss”. I like the sound of that. Are we having a sexy day? Now, that one’s even better.





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