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“Stay the Night” Song by the Recording Artist James Blunt – The Morning is on its way but for now Please Stay the Night with Me.

One night while in my living room at home I was browsing the new music at that time on iTunes to see if there was anything really good to get hooked on. I came across new music by the artist James Blunt. I knew him for his other two songs “You’re Beautiful” and “Goodbye my Lover” but that was the extent of his songs that I already knew. Those two songs are soft and sad and both talk about a woman he loves deeply. I clicked on the play button on iTunes to hear his brand new hit at the time and right from the first half of the song I was enjoying every note.

“Stay the Night” tells a story about a man who wishes his life was going better and if the woman he loved would just forget about everything else she had to do and anywhere else that she had to be, and just stay with him for the entire night how much better things in his life would seem. That is a great fantasy but his listeners know that his lover staying over is not going to make all his problems suddenly go away but it is a lovely thought. James Blunt is a soulful singer who sings with passion behind his lyrics. The melody in his songs are breath-taking and make you believe in a better tomorrow.

In the beginning of the song “Stay the Night,” James Blunt talks about a perfect day that is an average warm temperature of 72 degrees and there is no chance of rain. Wouldn’t a day like this be the best and that is why he is dreaming up this type of beautiful day. Days like that are not an everyday occurrence but with a little faith we can have those days in our hearts even if the weather does not cooperate. Its all about turning the negative way that most people usually think upside down and being positive even if it is just for the one night that he is talking about in this song. But the best way to make his night great would be if his lover stayed over and he would do anything to convince her to do such. He does not want anything to ruin the perfect day that he is having so far.
James Blunt tells his listeners to spin on their heels and go to a far away place like California if that will make them happy.

Sometimes it is okay to be far away from what is real and live the life you can only imagine. Watch the sunset and take in the beauty that it holds and embrace the night for the joy that it has to offer. If a night filled with these wonderful thoughts became reality and that is what life is all about then James Blunt is saying that you found gold, really pure gold in your life. When the sunset started James Blunt and his lover were trying to experience something special and by the time the sunset went down and it was dark, they got that something special they were hoping for. If you put a different spin on your life and look at parts of your life from different angles then you will shine bright like gold shines bright. James Blunt wants his listeners to know that a new day will always begin but its up to people if they are ready for that fresh start. You and your friends will say goodbye to each day when the morning of the next day rises.

The middle of this song talks about how James Blunt and his lover have been singing to the song “Billie Jean” and mixing vodka with caffeine to recharge themselves and they are even having strangers stopping by his house because they do not care who they invite into their lives because everyone is welcome to share in their wonderful feeling. The party is open to everyone. Even though his lover is singing out of tune it does not matter because he is having so much fun with her, just enjoying her company. He loves her for everything she is regardless of her little imperfections. Wouldn’t it be nice if more guys loved their women even along with the things that are not perfect about them? No one is perfect but if you can still enjoy beautiful moments together and not focus on the little things then life would be that much more special and enjoyable to live through. That is why he is asking his lover to stay the night several times because he is really hoping that she says yes and agrees to what he has to offer. If she does not agree where else will she go because he makes it seem like she has nowhere else to go and no one else to turn to anyway.

Toward the end of James Blunt’s story he says that he and his lover will share his tiny single bed and he will make room for her in his life because the tune that is in his head is all about pleasing his woman. The song throughout has a steady rhythm but at the end that rhythm slows down even more and people start clapping to signal that others agree with his message and want to join in and experience the feeling that James Blunt portrays.

His music video shows people at the beach all having an excellent time together, enjoying the water, sand, and sun. Ride the wave and be happy even with strangers and with anyway you can find that wants to stay the night and dance your song. There is no time like the present, so make the most of every moment and live like it is your last night to sing with others. The friends who were bringing you down can all say goodbye and that would be alright with you because you have found people who are more interested in sharing in the making of memories. The feeling and memories from one night can last forever if you can just let go of your past hang ups and allow for new experiences to occur. The campfire at the very end of James Blunt’s music video shows a group of strangers coming together for one night of pure happiness and who end up staying the night with each other to see what memories they can make. All anyone really has is one night. Usually, days are made up of nights that we will not remember, but tonight, this night, lets give ourselves something to celebrate.


Stay_the_Night_James_Blunt_song_-_cover_art JAMES-BLUNT-CONCERT-FLYER Some-Kind-of-Trouble-Blunt-CD Stay-the-Night-CD-Single


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